Cinematic Career

Naguib Mahfouz’s diversion to writing cinematic scenarios is not considered novel or unprecedented by others of international writers; he even shined like his fellows, for instance, Marquez and Sartre and others. But he was one of the few who regarded cinema seriously in Egypt and wrote it to raise its value and transition it from purely business to a complete work of art aiming to reach out to the audiences and achieve their real demand of respectable art.

Nagib Mahfouz didn’t know what cinematic scenario is when he first started out when he met the producer Salah Abo Seif through their mutual friend Dr. Foad Noweira . Abo Seif, then, has read “The game of destiny” (Abath Al-Akdar) novel and felt he was upon a writer who had something to say.

This meeting was a great opportunity for the Egyptian cinema, whereby a collaboration between a writer of Mahfouz’ value, education, and talent and a great producer and educated man of Abo Seif’s rank took place, resulting in rising with the Egyptian cinema several steps forward.

The first scenario Naguib Mahfouz co-wrote the film “The Adventures of Antar and Abla” in 1945, then the scenario of the film “Avenger” in 1947. Through these two films, Mahfouz learned the principles of script writing and broke into this world, especially from 1952 to 1960, after which he stopped.

As one of the most Egyptian writers of cinematic works, he wrote during his journey about 18 cinematic scenarios, as for the films taken about his literary stories or novels, amounted to 12 films, to show that we find among the top 100 films in the history of Egyptian cinema chosen by critic Saad Eddin Tawfik has 11 films written by Naguib Mahfouz, the script or the story, or both, and six films taken from his literary works, for a total of 17 films, or 17% of the total films.

The films are: “Oh Unjust You have a day”, “Young Woman”, “Raya and Sakina”, “The Beast”, “They Made Me a Criminal”, “The Trail of the Vagues”, “The Bully”, “The Beautiful”, “Our Pupils ”, “Between Heaven and Earth”,“ The Beginning and the End ”,“ The Thief and the Dogs ”,“ Al-Nasser Salah El-din ”,“ The Way ”,“ Cairo 30 ”,“ Khan Al-Khalili ”, and“ Quail and Autumn ”.

Films derived from the works of Naguib Mahfouz

The Beast 1954
Bullies of Husseiniya 1954
The Mahabil Trail 1955
Between Heaven and Earth 1959
Beginning and Ending 1960
The Thief and The Dogs 1962
Midaq Alley 1963
The Search 1964
Palace Walk 1964
30 Cairo 1966
Khan Al-Khalili 1966
Quail and fall 1967
Palace of Desire 1967
Three Stories 1968
Miramar 1969
The Mirage 1970
The Choice 1971
Adrift on the Nile 1971
Forbidden Photos 1972
Sugar Street 1973
The Beggar 1973
Love in the Rain 1975
Karnak Café 1975
Sinners The 1976
The Criminal 1978
The Homeless 1980
The Devil Preaches 1981
People of Summit 1981
Bullies of Bullak 1980
Wekalet El-Balah 1982
The Maid 1984
Jaycob 1984
The Chaser 1985
God’s World 1985
Queen’s Nectar 1985
Berries and Stick 1986
Love above the Pyramid Plateau 1986
Time of Love 1986
The Harafish 1986
The Hunger 1986
Stigma 1986
Friends of the Devil 1988
Heart of the nigh 1989
Night and Traitors 1990
The Light of Eyes 1991
Samara The Prince 1992